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I-AM-BRELLA has developed a patented elegant design parasol.
Its unique construction integrates large PV panels on the surface of the parasol, turning it into a small "off-grid" power plant. Users can use unlimited sustainable energy to have lights, charge laptops, e-bikes or phones in places where energy is not supplied from the mains. Restaurants, bars, hotels and private customers are part of our customer base.

In addition, the integrated batteries are charged during the day and fulfill all functions even when there is no sunshine.

The textile elements can be exchanged and printed individually. When closed, they are protected under the solar modules, which significantly extends the life of the umbrella fabric. In addition, the external solar modules also charge when the umbrella is closed.

All these points make the umbrella a unique player in the important sector of sustainable energy!


Solar umbrellas, which can already be found on the worldwide market, all have in common that they can only generate small amounts of electricity due to small module areas and therefore are rather useful in the private sector. The innovative feature of our umbrella is the enormously large collector surface, which is firmly integrated into the struts, and which can produce so much electricity that its use in the commercial areas of gastronomy, hotels and events creates a great added value. At the same time, as a telescopic center pole parasol, it meets all the requirements of a professional sunshade. It can operate light, music and W-Lan, in addition all USB devices can be charged and connected. This is also possible for notebooks, e-bikes, lawn mowing robots and cooling devices. Depending on the design, the battery storage units integrated into the pole or umbrella base are charged with sunlight during the day and can then continue all daylight functions after dark. Although it is basically similar in design to a classic parasol, its black modules make it immediately recognizable as a "green power plant" and electricity charging station, and can thus generate added value in the catering industry. At many locations, connecting the parasols to the power grid is very complex and expensive (earthworks, laying cables, electricians, permits, etc.) at others it is even almost impossible (historic alleys and squares, serving areas separated by public roads and paths)... this means that lighting, sound, W-Lan and charging options are not possible there with public electricity. All these hurdles are easily overcome with the umbrella. In addition, it charges the batteries even when closed and also protects the textile parts inside. These can also be individually replaced and printed. Around the Mediterranean Sea are hotels with beach access, where guests can rent umbrellas and sunbeds. The length of stay is long. Renting a solar umbrella for an extra charge offers the possibility to charge cell phones and tablets, run a fan or an electric cooler. Since a larger number of berths (20 - 50) can be assumed for each hotel, even partial provision of solar umbrellas already results in an interesting turnover. In addition, another point deserves attention: Normal household electricity with 220 volts, laid near water (sea, inland waters, pools) can be installed, if at all, only with great safety effort. The solar umbrella works with harmless 12 volts and can therefore be used near water without hesitation. Our Model 3 with a diameter of 4 meters has gel batteries with a capacity of 48 A/h under its tabletop mounted on the mast, sufficient for charging and operating at least 5 hours each of light, W-Lan repeater, music sound system and USB recharging..... all at the same time and after sunset! With a model that has e.g. a 100 A/h battery storage integrated in the base, the above values double. If you now look at the performance during daytime operation, i.e. when the sun is shining or when it is slightly cloudy, the performance increases significantly and consumers with higher power requirements, such as e-bikes, pedelecs or coolers, can be charged or operated without any problems. For open-air events, the clear advantage of the screen is that there is no need for complex cabling, it can be set up anywhere and dangerous cable trip hazards are avoided. Individual additional components and designs can be ordered for the basic screen.

Tec Specs Solarschirm

PV module. monocrystalline,

45 W/p

8 x = 360W/p

Battery storage 48A/h

Charging sockets USB, USB-C

12 volts

Lighting, sound,

WiFi repeater, fan

Textile elements can be exchanged and printed individually


Weight: about 60 kg

Dimensions: Ø400cm (open)  

Height closed: 402cm

Height open:320cm

Headroom: 230cm

Mast profile: Ø 90mm, thickness 3.8mm

Collector area, monocrystalline: 2 sqm

Power: 360W/p

Power output: 12V/ 5 volts

Solar battery: 48Ah

Charge controller: PWM with charge status display, overcharge protection, battery maintenance

special features

possible applications

I-AM-BRELLA parasols offer the ability to power a variety of USB devices.
With the integrated battery pack, you can also supply lights, loudspeakers, WI-FI extenders and much more at night.
It is possible to charge and operate even powerful devices such as laptops, e-bikes, robotic lawnmowers, cool boxes or fans - and to an unprecedented extent.

Akkupack ladt USB Verbraucher
  • What are the requirements for setting up such a "small power plant"?
    - Sure thing: the more sunlight falls on the screen, the more potent its performance. - If the intended location is known, it is easy to analyse and predict what performance can be expected.
  • Why "Umbrella of the Future?"
    - the increasing networking and electrification of the world creates more and more demand for energy. - the umbrella from I-AM-BRELLA can be set up anywhere in the world where the sun is shining. - it provides energy for charging and operating countless consumers (see what the umbrella can do...) and this without complex, expensive connections to the public power grid. - the low 4-digit additional price for a professional umbrella beats any effort for an officially implemented power connection, if this can be approved at all.
  • What makes this umbrella so special?
    - to our knowledge, there is no other power-producing umbrella anywhere in the world with such an energy yield that can be used anywhere where the sun is shining like a conventional telescopic central mast parasol. - reason enough for us to have successfully patented it in Europe and the USA. - for example, the module collector area of a round 4 meter umbrella is approx. 2 square meters, which roughly corresponds to a classic standard module that we find on many house roofs.
  • What sizes is the umbrella available in?
    - it will be available in sizes from 3.5 meters to 5 meters, round, square and rectangular
  • What can the umbrella do?
    - charging and operating all USB and USB-C devices - numerous consumers can also be operated via the 12 volt socket. - our models with inverter have an output with Schuko plug and 230V sinusoidal current. Depending on the model, consumers with up to 300 watts can be connected - here you see a small selection:
  • Here is an overview of the most important advantages of the umbrella:
    - no local connection, can be set up anywhere - 220v vs 12v power - safety, safe near water - offgrid power station, green power - charges even when closed - single textile segments exchangeable, printable - closed, the canopy is protected (increases its life span considerably) - powering and charging of all USB devices - lighting under the umbrella, lighting for illuminated advertising on the umbrella and on the base - nightly self-illumination also with motion detector - public address system - W-Lan, extension of the wireless network by repeaters - charging of e-bikes, e-scooters, self-propelled lawn mowers - LCD monitors for info, advertising - ventilators - humidifiers - insect killer - waiter call - charging station for heating pads (Stoov) - theft alarm with GPS tracking - video surveillance - cooling box unit with charging possibility
  • Who is the umbrella suitable for?
    - we see the largest users in the hotel industry, gastronomy and for events
  • Can I use the umbrella for electric heating?
    - an understandable question that comes up again and again, but it pushes the umbrella to its limits. - the power consumption of electric radiant heaters would drain the battery storage very quickly... - however, the heating pads from the Dutch company Stoov can be used in integrable stations charge and then emit heat for up to 6 hours via integrated rechargeable batteries.
  • How much does the umbrella weigh?
    - this varies greatly depending on size and equipment. the model shown on this page has a weight of about 60 kg (without stand) including battery.
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