chargingpower 24/7 available on solar umbrella

I-AM-BRELLA parasols offer the opportunity to connect a wide range of all USB devices.

The integrated battery pack allows you to add lights, speakers, WI-FI extenders that will also work in the night.

It is easy to charge and run devices.

Even powerfull ones, like laptops, e-bikes, lawn robots, coolers or fans are no problem.

tec specs i-am-brella Telekom on Berlin rooftop

Performance solar umbrella, PV umbrella

See above different competitors and the performance of their systems


PV solar umbrella charging when closed
solar umbrella closed and protecting the textil

When the sunshade is closed the textile is protected and the solar modules continue to charge the battery during daylight. Win - Win situation.
The non-hazardous operating voltage of 12 V also allows use in humid places such as pools and beaches.